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type GoogleCloudVPCNetwork {
metadata: ResourceMetadata!
autoCreateSubnetworks: Boolean!
createdAt: DateTime!
description: String!
enableUlaInternalIpv6: Boolean!
firewallPolicy: String!
gatewayIPv4: String!
id: Uint64!
internalIpv6Range: String!
mtu: Uint64!
name: String!
networkFirewallPolicyEnforcementOrder: GoogleCloudVPCNetworkFirewallPolicyEnforcementOrder!
peerings: [GoogleCloudVPCNetworkPeering!]!
routingConfig: GoogleCloudVPCNetworkRoutingConfiguration!
selfLink: String!
subnetworkMode: GoogleCloudNetworkSubnetworkModeType!
subnetworks: [GoogleCloudNetworkSubnetwork!]!
firewallRules: [GoogleCloudNetworkFirewallRule!]!


GoogleCloudVPCNetwork.metadata ● ResourceMetadata! non-null object

The metadata to identify this resource in Shisho Cloud

GoogleCloudVPCNetwork.autoCreateSubnetworks ● Boolean! non-null scalar

Indicates whether subnetworks are created. When set to true, the VPC network is created in auto mode, and when set to false, the VPC network is created in custom mode

GoogleCloudVPCNetwork.createdAt ● DateTime! non-null scalar

The created date/time

GoogleCloudVPCNetwork.description ● String! non-null scalar

The description

GoogleCloudVPCNetwork.enableUlaInternalIpv6 ● Boolean! non-null scalar

ULA internal ipv6 on this network is enabled or not

GoogleCloudVPCNetwork.firewallPolicy ● String! non-null scalar

URL of the firewall policy the network is associated with

GoogleCloudVPCNetwork.gatewayIPv4 ● String! non-null scalar

The gateway address for default routing out of the network, selected by Google Cloud ● Uint64! non-null scalar

The unique ID

GoogleCloudVPCNetwork.internalIpv6Range ● String! non-null scalar

When enabling ULA internal ipv6, the caller optionally can specify the /48 range they want from the google defined ULA prefix fd20::/20

GoogleCloudVPCNetwork.mtu ● Uint64! non-null scalar

Maximum Transmission Unit in bytes The default value: 1460 The range: 1300 - 8896 ● String! non-null scalar

The name The format: [a-z]([-a-z0-9]*[a-z0-9])?

GoogleCloudVPCNetwork.networkFirewallPolicyEnforcementOrder ● GoogleCloudVPCNetworkFirewallPolicyEnforcementOrder! non-null enum

The enforcement order of network firewall policy

GoogleCloudVPCNetwork.peerings ● [GoogleCloudVPCNetworkPeering!]! non-null object

The list of network peerings for the resource

GoogleCloudVPCNetwork.routingConfig ● GoogleCloudVPCNetworkRoutingConfiguration! non-null object

The network-level routing configuration for this network

GoogleCloudVPCNetwork.selfLink ● String! non-null scalar

Server-defined URL for the resource

GoogleCloudVPCNetwork.subnetworkMode ● GoogleCloudNetworkSubnetworkModeType! non-null enum

The subnetwork mode of the network

GoogleCloudVPCNetwork.subnetworks ● [GoogleCloudNetworkSubnetwork!]! non-null object

All subnetworks in this VPC network

GoogleCloudVPCNetwork.firewallRules ● [GoogleCloudNetworkFirewallRule!]! non-null object

All firewall rules

Member of

GoogleCloudNetwork object