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type GoogleCloudProject {
metadata: ResourceMetadata!
id: String!
number: Int64!
computeEngine: GoogleCloudComputeEngine!
cloudStorage: GoogleCloudStorage!
bigQuery: GoogleCloudBigQuery!
iam: GoogleCloudIAM!
cloudSql: GoogleCloudSQL!
iamPolicy: GoogleCloudIAMPolicy!
credentials: GoogleCloudCredentials!
kms: GoogleCloudKMS!
cloudFunctions: GoogleCloudFunctions!
network: GoogleCloudNetwork!
accessApproval: GoogleCloudAccessApproval
cloudMonitoring: GoogleCloudMonitoring!
cloudLogging: GoogleCloudLogging!
dataproc: GoogleCloudDataproc!
services: [GoogleCloudService!]!


GoogleCloudProject.metadata ● ResourceMetadata! non-null object

The metadata to identify this resource in Shisho Cloud ● String! non-null scalar

The unique, user-assigned ID of the project. It must be 6 to 30 lowercase letters, digits, or hyphens.

GoogleCloudProject.number ● Int64! non-null scalar

The number uniquely identifying the project like 415104041262

GoogleCloudProject.computeEngine ● GoogleCloudComputeEngine! non-null object

Data on Google Cloud Compute Engine

GoogleCloudProject.cloudStorage ● GoogleCloudStorage! non-null object

Data on Google Cloud Storage

GoogleCloudProject.bigQuery ● GoogleCloudBigQuery! non-null object

Data on Google Cloud BigQuery

GoogleCloudProject.iam ● GoogleCloudIAM! non-null object

Data on Google Cloud IAM

GoogleCloudProject.cloudSql ● GoogleCloudSQL! non-null object

Data on Google Cloud SQL

GoogleCloudProject.iamPolicy ● GoogleCloudIAMPolicy! non-null object

The IAM policy of the project

GoogleCloudProject.credentials ● GoogleCloudCredentials! non-null object

The credentials for the project

GoogleCloudProject.kms ● GoogleCloudKMS! non-null object

Data on Google Cloud KMS

GoogleCloudProject.cloudFunctions ● GoogleCloudFunctions! non-null object

Data on Google Cloud Functions ● GoogleCloudNetwork! non-null object

The network configuration of the project

GoogleCloudProject.accessApproval ● GoogleCloudAccessApproval object

Data on Google Cloud Access Approval

GoogleCloudProject.cloudMonitoring ● GoogleCloudMonitoring! non-null object

Data on Google Cloud Monitoring

GoogleCloudProject.cloudLogging ● GoogleCloudLogging! non-null object

Data on Google Cloud Logging

GoogleCloudProject.dataproc ● GoogleCloudDataproc! non-null object

Data on Google Cloud Logging ● [GoogleCloudService!]! non-null object

The enabled services such as APIs of this project

Member of

GoogleCloud object