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type GoogleCloudMonitoringAlertPolicyConditionAbsent {
aggregations: [GoogleCloudMonitoringAlertPolicyAggregation!]!
duration: String!
filter: String!
trigger: GoogleCloudMonitoringAlertPolicyConditionTrigger


GoogleCloudMonitoringAlertPolicyConditionAbsent.aggregations ● [GoogleCloudMonitoringAlertPolicyAggregation!]! non-null object

Specifies the alignment of data points in individual time series as well as how to combine the retrieved time series together

GoogleCloudMonitoringAlertPolicyConditionAbsent.duration ● String! non-null scalar

The amount of time that a time series must fail to report new data to be considered failing

GoogleCloudMonitoringAlertPolicyConditionAbsent.filter ● String! non-null scalar

The filter ( that identifies which time series should be compared with the threshold

GoogleCloudMonitoringAlertPolicyConditionAbsent.trigger ● GoogleCloudMonitoringAlertPolicyConditionTrigger object

The number/percent of time series for which the comparison must hold in order for the condition to trigger

Member of

GoogleCloudMonitoringAlertPolicyCondition object