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type GitHubBranchProtectionRule {
allowsDeletions: Boolean!
allowsForcePushes: Boolean!
blocksCreations: Boolean!
hasConflicts: Boolean!
isForcePushProtectionBypassable: Boolean!
hasBypassableActors: Boolean!
dismissesStaleReviews: Boolean!
isAdminEnforced: Boolean!
pattern: String!
isPushProtectionBypassable: Boolean!
requiredApprovingReviewCount: Int
requiredStatusCheckContexts: [String]
requiresApprovingReviews: Boolean!
requiresCodeOwnerReviews: Boolean!
requiresCommitSignatures: Boolean!
requiresConversationResolution: Boolean!
requiresLinearHistory: Boolean!
requiresStatusChecks: Boolean!
requiresStrictStatusChecks: Boolean!
restrictsPushes: Boolean!
restrictsReviewDismissals: Boolean!


GitHubBranchProtectionRule.allowsDeletions ● Boolean! non-null scalar

Can this branch be deleted.

GitHubBranchProtectionRule.allowsForcePushes ● Boolean! non-null scalar

Are force pushes allowed on this branch.

GitHubBranchProtectionRule.blocksCreations ● Boolean! non-null scalar

Is branch creation a protected operation.

GitHubBranchProtectionRule.hasConflicts ● Boolean! non-null scalar

Whether the branch protection rule has conflicts with other branch protection rules

GitHubBranchProtectionRule.isForcePushProtectionBypassable ● Boolean! non-null scalar


GitHubBranchProtectionRule.hasBypassableActors ● Boolean! non-null scalar


GitHubBranchProtectionRule.dismissesStaleReviews ● Boolean! non-null scalar

Will new commits pushed to matching branches dismiss pull request review approvals.

GitHubBranchProtectionRule.isAdminEnforced ● Boolean! non-null scalar

Can admins overwrite branch protection.

GitHubBranchProtectionRule.pattern ● String! non-null scalar

Identifies the protection rule pattern.

GitHubBranchProtectionRule.isPushProtectionBypassable ● Boolean! non-null scalar


GitHubBranchProtectionRule.requiredApprovingReviewCount ● Int scalar

Number of approving reviews required to update matching branches.

GitHubBranchProtectionRule.requiredStatusCheckContexts ● [String] list scalar

List of required status check contexts that must pass for commits to be accepted to matching branches.

GitHubBranchProtectionRule.requiresApprovingReviews ● Boolean! non-null scalar

Are approving reviews required to update matching branches.

GitHubBranchProtectionRule.requiresCodeOwnerReviews ● Boolean! non-null scalar

Are reviews from code owners required to update matching branches.

GitHubBranchProtectionRule.requiresCommitSignatures ● Boolean! non-null scalar

Are commits required to be signed.

GitHubBranchProtectionRule.requiresConversationResolution ● Boolean! non-null scalar

Are conversations required to be resolved before merging.

GitHubBranchProtectionRule.requiresLinearHistory ● Boolean! non-null scalar

Are merge commits prohibited from being pushed to this branch.

GitHubBranchProtectionRule.requiresStatusChecks ● Boolean! non-null scalar

Are status checks required to update matching branches.

GitHubBranchProtectionRule.requiresStrictStatusChecks ● Boolean! non-null scalar

Are branches required to be up to date before merging.

GitHubBranchProtectionRule.restrictsPushes ● Boolean! non-null scalar

Is pushing to matching branches restricted.

GitHubBranchProtectionRule.restrictsReviewDismissals ● Boolean! non-null scalar

Is dismissal of pull request reviews restricted.

Member of

GitHubRepository object