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type AWSWAFWebACLRule {
name: String!
priority: Int!
statement: AWSWAFWebACLStatement
visibilityConfiguration: AWSWAFWebACLVisibilityConfiguration
action: AWSWAFWebACLRuleAction
captchaConfiguration: AWSWAFWebACLCaptchaConfiguration
challengeConfiguration: AWSWAFWebACLChallengeConfiguration
overrideAction: AWSWAFWebACLOverrideAction
ruleLabels: [AWSWAFWebACLLabel!]!

Fields ● String! non-null scalar

The name of the rule

AWSWAFWebACLRule.priority ● Int! non-null scalar

If you define more than one Rule in a WebACL, WAF evaluates each request against the Rules in order based on the value of Priority

AWSWAFWebACLRule.statement ● AWSWAFWebACLStatement object

The WAF processing statement for the rule, for example ByteMatchStatement or SizeConstraintStatement

AWSWAFWebACLRule.visibilityConfiguration ● AWSWAFWebACLVisibilityConfiguration object

Defines and enables Amazon CloudWatch metrics and web request sample collection

AWSWAFWebACLRule.action ● AWSWAFWebACLRuleAction object

The action that WAF should take on a web request when it matches the rule statement

AWSWAFWebACLRule.captchaConfiguration ● AWSWAFWebACLCaptchaConfiguration object

Indicates how WAF should handle CAPTCHA evaluations

AWSWAFWebACLRule.challengeConfiguration ● AWSWAFWebACLChallengeConfiguration object

Indicates how WAF should handle Challenge evaluations

AWSWAFWebACLRule.overrideAction ● AWSWAFWebACLOverrideAction object

The action to use in the place of the action that results from the rule group evaluation

AWSWAFWebACLRule.ruleLabels ● [AWSWAFWebACLLabel!]! non-null object

Labels to apply to web requests that match the rule match statement

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