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type AWSWAFWebACLRuleGroupReferenceStatement {
arn: String!
excludedRules: [AWSWAFWebACLExcludedRule!]!
ruleActionOverrides: [AWSWAFWebACLRuleActionOverride!]!


AWSWAFWebACLRuleGroupReferenceStatement.arn ● String! non-null scalar

The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the entity

AWSWAFWebACLRuleGroupReferenceStatement.excludedRules ● [AWSWAFWebACLExcludedRule!]! non-null object

Rules in the referenced rule group whose actions are set to Count

AWSWAFWebACLRuleGroupReferenceStatement.ruleActionOverrides ● [AWSWAFWebACLRuleActionOverride!]! non-null object

Action settings to use in the place of the rule actions that are configured inside the rule group

Member of

AWSWAFWebACLFirewallManagerStatement object ● AWSWAFWebACLStatement object