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type AWSWAFWebACLRuleAction {
allow: AWSWAFWebACLRuleAllowAction
block: AWSWAFWebACLRuleBlockAction
captcha: AWSWAFWebACLRuleCaptchaAction
challenge: AWSWAFWebACLRuleChallengeAction
count: AWSWAFWebACLRuleCountAction


AWSWAFWebACLRuleAction.allow ● AWSWAFWebACLRuleAllowAction object

Instructs WAF to allow the web request

AWSWAFWebACLRuleAction.block ● AWSWAFWebACLRuleBlockAction object

Instructs WAF to block the web request

AWSWAFWebACLRuleAction.captcha ● AWSWAFWebACLRuleCaptchaAction object

Instructs WAF to run a CAPTCHA check against the web request

AWSWAFWebACLRuleAction.challenge ● AWSWAFWebACLRuleChallengeAction object

Instructs WAF to run a Challenge check against the web request

AWSWAFWebACLRuleAction.count ● AWSWAFWebACLRuleCountAction object

Instructs WAF to count the web request and then continue evaluating the request using the remaining rules in the web ACL

Member of

AWSWAFWebACLRule object ● AWSWAFWebACLRuleActionOverride object