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type AWSWAFWebACLRateBasedStatement {
aggregateKeyType: AWSWAFWebACLRateBasedStatementAggregateKeyType!
limit: Int64!
customKeys: [AWSWAFWebACLRateBasedStatementCustomKey!]!
forwardedIPConfiguration: AWSWAFWebACLForwardedIPConfiguration
scopeDownStatement: AWSWAFWebACLStatement


AWSWAFWebACLRateBasedStatement.aggregateKeyType ● AWSWAFWebACLRateBasedStatementAggregateKeyType! non-null enum

Indicates how to aggregate the request counts

AWSWAFWebACLRateBasedStatement.limit ● Int64! non-null scalar

The limit on requests per 5-minute period for a single aggregation instance for the rate-based rule

AWSWAFWebACLRateBasedStatement.customKeys ● [AWSWAFWebACLRateBasedStatementCustomKey!]! non-null object

Specifies the aggregate keys to use in a rate-base rule

AWSWAFWebACLRateBasedStatement.forwardedIPConfiguration ● AWSWAFWebACLForwardedIPConfiguration object

The configuration for inspecting IP addresses in an HTTP header that you specify, instead of using the IP address that's reported by the web request origin

AWSWAFWebACLRateBasedStatement.scopeDownStatement ● AWSWAFWebACLStatement object

An optional nested statement that narrows the scope of the web requests that are evaluated and managed by the rate-based statement

Member of

AWSWAFWebACLStatement object