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type AWSWAFWebACLManagedRulesATPRuleSet {
loginPath: String!
enableRegexInPath: Boolean!
requestInspection: AWSWAFWebACLRequestInspection
responseInspection: AWSWAFWebACLResponseInspection


AWSWAFWebACLManagedRulesATPRuleSet.loginPath ● String! non-null scalar

The path of the login endpoint for your application

AWSWAFWebACLManagedRulesATPRuleSet.enableRegexInPath ● Boolean! non-null scalar

Allow the use of regular expressions in the login page path

AWSWAFWebACLManagedRulesATPRuleSet.requestInspection ● AWSWAFWebACLRequestInspection object

The criteria for inspecting login requests, used by the ATP rule group to validate credentials usage

AWSWAFWebACLManagedRulesATPRuleSet.responseInspection ● AWSWAFWebACLResponseInspection object

The criteria for inspecting responses to login requests, used by the ATP rule group to track login failure rates

Member of

AWSWAFWebACLManagedRuleGroupConfiguration object