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type AWSVPCFirewallStatus {
configurationSyncStateSummary: AWSVPCFirewallConfigurationSyncStateType!
status: AWSVPCFirewallStatusType!
capacityUsageSummary: AWSVPCFirewallStatusCapacityUsageSummary
syncStates: [AWSVPCFirewallStatusSyncStateMap!]!


AWSVPCFirewallStatus.configurationSyncStateSummary ● AWSVPCFirewallConfigurationSyncStateType! non-null enum

The configuration sync state for the firewall

AWSVPCFirewallStatus.status ● AWSVPCFirewallStatusType! non-null enum

The readiness of the configured firewall to handle network traffic across all of the Availability Zones where you've configured it

AWSVPCFirewallStatus.capacityUsageSummary ● AWSVPCFirewallStatusCapacityUsageSummary object

Describes the capacity usage of the resources contained in a firewall's reference sets

AWSVPCFirewallStatus.syncStates ● [AWSVPCFirewallStatusSyncStateMap!]! non-null object

The subnets that you've configured for use by the Network Firewall firewall

Member of

AWSVPCFirewall object