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type AWSVPCFirewallStatusAttachment {
endpointId: String!
status: AWSVPCFirewallStatusAttachmentStatusType!
statusMessage: String!
subnetId: String!


AWSVPCFirewallStatusAttachment.endpointId ● String! non-null scalar

The identifier of the firewall endpoint that Network Firewall has instantiated in the subnet

AWSVPCFirewallStatusAttachment.status ● AWSVPCFirewallStatusAttachmentStatusType! non-null enum

The current status of the firewall endpoint in the subnet

AWSVPCFirewallStatusAttachment.statusMessage ● String! non-null scalar

If Network Firewall fails to create or delete the firewall endpoint in the subnet, it populates this with the reason for the error or failure and how to resolve it

AWSVPCFirewallStatusAttachment.subnetId ● String! non-null scalar

The unique identifier of the subnet that you've specified to be used for a firewall endpoint

Member of

AWSVPCFirewallStatusSyncState object