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type AWSVPCFirewallStatefulRulesSource {
rulesSourceList: AWSVPCFirewallRulesSourceList
rulesString: String!
rules: [AWSVPCFirewallStatefulRule!]!


AWSVPCFirewallStatefulRulesSource.rulesSourceList ● AWSVPCFirewallRulesSourceList object

Stateful inspection criteria for a domain list rule group

AWSVPCFirewallStatefulRulesSource.rulesString ● String! non-null scalar

Stateful inspection criteria, provided in Suricata compatible intrusion prevention system (IPS) rules

AWSVPCFirewallStatefulRulesSource.rules ● [AWSVPCFirewallStatefulRule!]! non-null object

An array of individual stateful rules inspection criteria to be used together in a stateful rule group

Member of

AWSVPCFirewallStatefulRules object