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type AWSVPCFirewallRulesSourceList {
generatedRulesType: AWSVPCFirewallRulesSourceListGeneratedRulesType!
targetTypes: [AWSVPCFirewallRulesSourceListTargetType!]!
targets: [String!]!


AWSVPCFirewallRulesSourceList.generatedRulesType ● AWSVPCFirewallRulesSourceListGeneratedRulesType! non-null enum

Whether you want to allow or deny access to the domains in your target list

AWSVPCFirewallRulesSourceList.targetTypes ● [AWSVPCFirewallRulesSourceListTargetType!]! non-null enum

The protocols you want to inspect

AWSVPCFirewallRulesSourceList.targets ● [String!]! non-null scalar

The domains that you want to inspect for in your traffic flows

Member of

AWSVPCFirewallStatefulRulesSource object