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type AWSSQSQueueServerSideEncryption {
enabled: Boolean!
type: AWSSQSQueueServerSideEncryptionType!
kmsConfiguration: AWSSQSQueueKMSConfiguration


AWSSQSQueueServerSideEncryption.enabled ● Boolean! non-null scalar

Indicates whether the server-side queue encryption is enabled or not

AWSSQSQueueServerSideEncryption.type ● AWSSQSQueueServerSideEncryptionType! non-null enum

Indicates the type of the server-side queue encryption

AWSSQSQueueServerSideEncryption.kmsConfiguration ● AWSSQSQueueKMSConfiguration object

The configuration of the server-side encryption managed by KMS. This is available only if type is SSE_KMS.

Member of

AWSSQSFIFOQueue object ● AWSSQSStandardQueue object