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type AWSRedshiftClusterDataTransferProgress {
currentRateInMegaBytesPerSecond: Float64!
dataTransferredInMegaBytes: Int64!
elapsedTimeInSeconds: Int64!
estimatedTimeToCompletionInSeconds: Int64!
status: String!
totalDataInMegaBytes: Int64!


AWSRedshiftClusterDataTransferProgress.currentRateInMegaBytesPerSecond ● Float64! non-null scalar

Describes the data transfer rate in MB's per second

AWSRedshiftClusterDataTransferProgress.dataTransferredInMegaBytes ● Int64! non-null scalar

Describes the total amount of data that has been transferred in MB's

AWSRedshiftClusterDataTransferProgress.elapsedTimeInSeconds ● Int64! non-null scalar

Describes the number of seconds that have elapsed during the data transfer

AWSRedshiftClusterDataTransferProgress.estimatedTimeToCompletionInSeconds ● Int64! non-null scalar

Describes the estimated number of seconds remaining to complete the transfer

AWSRedshiftClusterDataTransferProgress.status ● String! non-null scalar

Describes the status of the cluster. While the transfer is in progress the status is transferring data

AWSRedshiftClusterDataTransferProgress.totalDataInMegaBytes ● Int64! non-null scalar

Describes the total amount of data to be transferred in megabytes

Member of

AWSRedshiftCluster object