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type AWSRDSDatabaseInstanceStatusInfo {
message: String!
normal: Boolean!
status: String!
statusType: String!


AWSRDSDatabaseInstanceStatusInfo.message ● String! non-null scalar

Details of the error if there is an error for the instance. If the instance isn't in an error state, this value is blank

AWSRDSDatabaseInstanceStatusInfo.normal ● Boolean! non-null scalar

Boolean value that is true if the instance is operating normally, or false if the instance is in an error state

AWSRDSDatabaseInstanceStatusInfo.status ● String! non-null scalar

Status of the DB instance

AWSRDSDatabaseInstanceStatusInfo.statusType ● String! non-null scalar

The status type and this value is currently "read replication" only

Member of

AWSRDSAuroraInstance object ● AWSRDSAuroraMySQLInstance object ● AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance object ● AWSRDSGenericDatabaseInstance object ● AWSRDSMariaDBInstance object ● AWSRDSMySQLInstance object ● AWSRDSOracleInstance object ● AWSRDSPostgreSQLInstance object ● AWSRDSSQLServerInstance object