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type AWSRDSDatabaseInstanceRole {
role: AWSIAMRole
status: AWSRDSDatabaseInstanceRoleStatusType!


AWSRDSDatabaseInstanceRole.role ● AWSIAMRole object

The IAM role of the IAM role that is associated with the DB instance

AWSRDSDatabaseInstanceRole.status ● AWSRDSDatabaseInstanceRoleStatusType! non-null enum

The state of association between the IAM role and the DB instance

Member of

AWSRDSAuroraInstance object ● AWSRDSAuroraMySQLInstance object ● AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance object ● AWSRDSGenericDatabaseInstance object ● AWSRDSMariaDBInstance object ● AWSRDSMySQLInstance object ● AWSRDSOracleInstance object ● AWSRDSPostgreSQLInstance object ● AWSRDSSQLServerInstance object