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type AWSRDSDatabaseClusterSnapshot {
allocatedStorage: Int!
availabilityZones: [String!]!
clusterCreatedAt: DateTime
clusterId: String!
arn: String!
id: String!
engine: AWSRDSDatabaseEngineType!
engineMode: String!
engineVersion: String!
iamDatabaseAuthenticationEnabled: Boolean!
kmsKeyId: String!
licenseModel: String!
masterUsername: String!
percentProgress: Int!
port: Int!
createdAt: DateTime
snapshotType: String!
sourceDBClusterSnapshotArn: String!
status: String!
storageEncrypted: Boolean!
storageType: String!
tags: [AWSTag!]!
attributes: [AWSRDSDatabaseClusterSnapshotAttribute!]!


AWSRDSDatabaseClusterSnapshot.allocatedStorage ● Int! non-null scalar

The allocated storage size in gibibytes (GiB)

AWSRDSDatabaseClusterSnapshot.availabilityZones ● [String!]! non-null scalar

The Availability Zone in which the DB cluster was located at the time of the DB cluster snapshot

AWSRDSDatabaseClusterSnapshot.clusterCreatedAt ● DateTime scalar

The time when the DB cluster was created, in Universal Coordinated Time (UTC)

AWSRDSDatabaseClusterSnapshot.clusterId ● String! non-null scalar

The DB cluster identifier of the DB cluster that this DB cluster snapshot was created from

AWSRDSDatabaseClusterSnapshot.arn ● String! non-null scalar

The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) for the DB cluster snapshot ● String! non-null scalar

The identifier for the DB cluster snapshot

AWSRDSDatabaseClusterSnapshot.engine ● AWSRDSDatabaseEngineType! non-null enum

The name of the database engine for this DB cluster snapshot

AWSRDSDatabaseClusterSnapshot.engineMode ● String! non-null scalar

The engine mode of the database engine for this DB cluster snapshot

AWSRDSDatabaseClusterSnapshot.engineVersion ● String! non-null scalar

The version of the database engine for this DB cluster snapshot

AWSRDSDatabaseClusterSnapshot.iamDatabaseAuthenticationEnabled ● Boolean! non-null scalar

True if mapping of Amazon Web Services Identity and Access Management (IAM) accounts to database accounts is enabled, and otherwise false

AWSRDSDatabaseClusterSnapshot.kmsKeyId ● String! non-null scalar

The Amazon Web Services KMS key identifier is the key ARN, key ID, alias ARN, or alias name for the KMS key

AWSRDSDatabaseClusterSnapshot.licenseModel ● String! non-null scalar

The license model information for this DB cluster snapshot

AWSRDSDatabaseClusterSnapshot.masterUsername ● String! non-null scalar

The master username for the DB cluster snapshot

AWSRDSDatabaseClusterSnapshot.percentProgress ● Int! non-null scalar

The percentage of the estimated data that has been transferred

AWSRDSDatabaseClusterSnapshot.port ● Int! non-null scalar

The port that the DB cluster was listening on at the time of the snapshot

AWSRDSDatabaseClusterSnapshot.createdAt ● DateTime scalar

The time when the snapshot was taken, in Universal Coordinated Time (UTC)

AWSRDSDatabaseClusterSnapshot.snapshotType ● String! non-null scalar

The type of the DB cluster snapshot

AWSRDSDatabaseClusterSnapshot.sourceDBClusterSnapshotArn ● String! non-null scalar

If the DB cluster snapshot was copied from a source DB cluster snapshot, the Amazon Resource Name (ARN) for the source DB cluster snapshot, otherwise, a null value

AWSRDSDatabaseClusterSnapshot.status ● String! non-null scalar

The status of this DB cluster snapshot

AWSRDSDatabaseClusterSnapshot.storageEncrypted ● Boolean! non-null scalar

Indicates whether the DB cluster snapshot is encrypted

AWSRDSDatabaseClusterSnapshot.storageType ● String! non-null scalar

The storage type associated with DB cluster snapshot

AWSRDSDatabaseClusterSnapshot.tags ● [AWSTag!]! non-null object

A list of tags

AWSRDSDatabaseClusterSnapshot.vpc ● AWSVPC object

The VPC associated with the DB cluster snapshot

AWSRDSDatabaseClusterSnapshot.attributes ● [AWSRDSDatabaseClusterSnapshotAttribute!]! non-null object

The attributes that are associated with the DB snapshot

Member of

AWSRDSDatabaseCluster object