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type AWSRDSDatabaseClusterMember {
parameterGroupStatus: String!
instance: AWSRDSDatabaseInstance
isClusterWriter: Boolean!
promotionTier: Int!


AWSRDSDatabaseClusterMember.parameterGroupStatus ● String! non-null scalar

The status of the DB cluster parameter group for this member of the DB cluster

AWSRDSDatabaseClusterMember.instance ● AWSRDSDatabaseInstance union

The instance for this member of the DB cluster.

AWSRDSDatabaseClusterMember.isClusterWriter ● Boolean! non-null scalar

Value that is true if the cluster member is the primary instance for the DB cluster and false otherwise

AWSRDSDatabaseClusterMember.promotionTier ● Int! non-null scalar

A value that specifies the order in which an Aurora Replica is promoted to the primary instance after a failure of the existing primary instance. For more information, see Fault Tolerance for an Aurora DB Cluster in the Amazon Aurora User Guide.

Member of

AWSRDSDatabaseCluster object