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This is an instance of Aurora PostgreSQL-Compatible Edition

type AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance {
metadata: ResourceMetadata!
region: AWSRegion!
activityStreamEngineNativeAuditFieldsIncluded: Boolean!
activityStreamKinesisStreamName: String!
activityStreamKmsKeyId: String!
activityStreamMode: AWSRDSDatabaseInstanceActivityStreamModeType!
activityStreamPolicyStatus: AWSRDSDatabaseInstanceActivityStreamPolicyStatusType!
activityStreamStatus: AWSRDSDatabaseInstanceActivityStreamStatusType!
allocatedStorage: Int!
associatedRoles: [AWSRDSDatabaseInstanceRole!]!
autoMinorVersionUpgrade: Boolean!
automaticallyRestartedAt: DateTime
automationMode: AWSRDSDatabaseInstanceAutomationModeType!
availabilityZone: String!
awsBackupRecoveryPointArn: String!
backupRetentionPeriod: Int!
backupTarget: String!
caCertificateId: String!
certificateDetails: AWSRDSDatabaseInstanceCertificateDetails!
characterSetName: String!
customIamInstanceProfile: String!
customerOwnedIpEnabled: Boolean!
clusterId: String!
arn: String!
automatedBackupsReplications: [AWSRDSDatabaseInstanceAutomatedBackupsReplication!]!
class: String!
id: String!
status: AWSRDSDatabaseInstanceStatusType!
name: String!
subnetGroup: AWSRDSDatabaseSubnetGroup!
port: Int!
instanceResourceId: String!
deletionProtection: Boolean!
enabledCloudwatchLogsExports: [String!]!
endpoint: AWSRDSDatabaseInstanceEndpoint!
engine: AWSRDSDatabaseEngineType!
engineVersion: String!
enhancedMonitoringResourceArn: String!
iamDatabaseAuthenticationEnabled: Boolean!
createdAt: DateTime
iops: Int!
kmsKeyId: String!
latestRestorableTimeAt: DateTime
licenseModel: String!
listenerEndpoint: AWSRDSDatabaseInstanceEndpoint!
masterUserSecret: AWSRDSDatabaseInstanceMasterUserSecret!
masterUsername: String!
maximumAllocatedStorage: Int!
monitoringInterval: Int!
monitoringRoleArn: String!
multiAz: Boolean!
ncharCharacterSetName: String!
networkType: AWSRDSDatabaseInstanceNetworkType!
optionGroupMemberships: [AWSRDSDatabaseInstanceOptionGroupMembership!]!
performanceInsightsEnabled: Boolean!
performanceInsightsKMSKeyId: String!
performanceInsightsRetentionPeriod: Int!
preferredBackupWindow: String!
preferredMaintenanceWindow: String!
processorFeatures: [AWSRDSDatabaseInstanceProcessorFeature]!
promotionTier: Int!
publiclyAccessible: Boolean!
readReplicaDBClusterIds: [String!]!
readReplicaDBInstanceIds: [String!]!
readReplicaSourceDBInstanceId: String!
resumeFullAutomationModeTime: DateTime
secondaryAvailabilityZone: String!
statusInfos: [AWSRDSDatabaseInstanceStatusInfo!]
storageEncrypted: Boolean!
storageThroughput: Int!
storageType: String!
tags: [AWSTag!]!
tdeCredentialArn: String!
vpcSecurityGroups: [AWSRDSDatabaseInstanceVpcSecurityGroupMembership!]!
snapshots: [AWSRDSDatabaseInstanceSnapshot!]!


AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.metadata ● ResourceMetadata! non-null object

The metadata to identify this resource in Shisho Cloud

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.region ● AWSRegion! non-null scalar

The region the DB instance is in

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.activityStreamEngineNativeAuditFieldsIncluded ● Boolean! non-null scalar

Indicates whether engine-native audit fields are included in the database activity stream

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.activityStreamKinesisStreamName ● String! non-null scalar

The name of the Amazon Kinesis data stream used for the database activity stream

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.activityStreamKmsKeyId ● String! non-null scalar

The Amazon Web Services KMS key identifier used for encrypting messages in the database activity stream

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.activityStreamMode ● AWSRDSDatabaseInstanceActivityStreamModeType! non-null enum

The mode of the database activity stream

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.activityStreamPolicyStatus ● AWSRDSDatabaseInstanceActivityStreamPolicyStatusType! non-null enum

The status of the policy state of the activity stream

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.activityStreamStatus ● AWSRDSDatabaseInstanceActivityStreamStatusType! non-null enum

The status of the database activity stream

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.allocatedStorage ● Int! non-null scalar

The allocated storage size specified in gibibytes (GiB)

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.associatedRoles ● [AWSRDSDatabaseInstanceRole!]! non-null object

The Amazon Web Services Identity and Access Management (IAM) roles associated with the DB instance

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.autoMinorVersionUpgrade ● Boolean! non-null scalar

Indicates that minor version patches are applied automatically

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.automaticallyRestartedAt ● DateTime scalar

The time when a stopped DB instance is restarted automatically

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.automationMode ● AWSRDSDatabaseInstanceAutomationModeType! non-null enum

The automation mode of the RDS Custom DB instance

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.availabilityZone ● String! non-null scalar

Specifies the name of the Availability Zone the DB instance is located in

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.awsBackupRecoveryPointArn ● String! non-null scalar

The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the recovery point in Amazon Web Services Backup

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.backupRetentionPeriod ● Int! non-null scalar

The number of days for which automatic DB snapshots are retained.

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.backupTarget ● String! non-null scalar

Indicates where automated backups and manual snapshots are stored: Amazon Web Services Outposts or the Amazon Web Services Region

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.caCertificateId ● String! non-null scalar

The identifier of the CA certificate for this DB instance. For more information, see "" and ""

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.certificateDetails ● AWSRDSDatabaseInstanceCertificateDetails! non-null object

The details of the DB instance's server certificate

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.characterSetName ● String! non-null scalar

The name of the character set that this instance is associated with

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.customIamInstanceProfile ● String! non-null scalar

The instance profile associated with the underlying Amazon EC2 instance of an RDS Custom DB instance. (

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.customerOwnedIpEnabled ● Boolean! non-null scalar

Indicates whether a customer-owned IP address (CoIP) is enabled for an RDS on Outposts DB instance

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.clusterId ● String! non-null scalar

The DB cluster identifier of the DB instance

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.arn ● String! non-null scalar

The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) for the DB instance

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.automatedBackupsReplications ● [AWSRDSDatabaseInstanceAutomatedBackupsReplication!]! non-null object

The list of replicated automated backups associated with the DB instance

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.class ● String! non-null scalar

The name of the compute and memory capacity class of the DB instance ● String! non-null scalar

The DB instance identifier

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.status ● AWSRDSDatabaseInstanceStatusType! non-null enum

The current state of this database. Please check "" ● String! non-null scalar

The meaning of this parameter differs according to the database engine you use

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.subnetGroup ● AWSRDSDatabaseSubnetGroup! non-null object

The subnet group associated with the DB instance, including the name, description, and subnets in the subnet group

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.port ● Int! non-null scalar

The port that the DB instance listens on

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.instanceResourceId ● String! non-null scalar

The Amazon Web Services Region-unique, immutable identifier for the DB instance

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.deletionProtection ● Boolean! non-null scalar

Indicates whther the DB instance has deletion protection enabled

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.enabledCloudwatchLogsExports ● [String!]! non-null scalar

The list of log types that this DB instance is configured to export to Amazon CloudWatch Logs

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.endpoint ● AWSRDSDatabaseInstanceEndpoint! non-null object

The connection endpoint

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.engine ● AWSRDSDatabaseEngineType! non-null enum

The name of the database engine to be used for this DB instance

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.engineVersion ● String! non-null scalar

The database engine version

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.enhancedMonitoringResourceArn ● String! non-null scalar

The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the Amazon CloudWatch Logs log stream that receives the Enhanced Monitoring metrics data for the DB instance

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.iamDatabaseAuthenticationEnabled ● Boolean! non-null scalar

Indicates whether mapping of Amazon Web Services Identity and Access Management (IAM) accounts to database accounts is enabled

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.createdAt ● DateTime scalar

The created date/time

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.iops ● Int! non-null scalar

The Provisioned IOPS (I/O operations per second) value

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.kmsKeyId ● String! non-null scalar

The Amazon Web Services KMS key identifier for an encrypted DB instance

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.latestRestorableTimeAt ● DateTime scalar

The latest time to which a database can be restored with point-in-time restore

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.licenseModel ● String! non-null scalar

License model information for this DB instance. This setting doesn't apply to RDS Custom DB instances.

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.listenerEndpoint ● AWSRDSDatabaseInstanceEndpoint! non-null object

The listener connection endpoint for SQL Server Always On

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.masterUserSecret ● AWSRDSDatabaseInstanceMasterUserSecret! non-null object

The secret managed by RDS in Amazon Web Services Secrets Manager for the master user password

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.masterUsername ● String! non-null scalar

The master username for the DB instance

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.maximumAllocatedStorage ● Int! non-null scalar

The upper limit to which Amazon RDS can automatically scale the storage of the DB instance

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.monitoringInterval ● Int! non-null scalar

The interval, in seconds, between points when Enhanced Monitoring metrics are collected for the DB instance

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.monitoringRoleArn ● String! non-null scalar

The ARN for the IAM role that permits RDS to send Enhanced Monitoring metrics to Amazon CloudWatch Logs

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.multiAz ● Boolean! non-null scalar

Specifies if the DB instance is a Multi-AZ deployment

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.ncharCharacterSetName ● String! non-null scalar

The name of the NCHAR character set for the Oracle DB instance. This character set specifies the Unicode encoding for data stored in table columns of type NCHAR, NCLOB, or NVARCHAR2

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.networkType ● AWSRDSDatabaseInstanceNetworkType! non-null enum

The network type of the DB instance

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.optionGroupMemberships ● [AWSRDSDatabaseInstanceOptionGroupMembership!]! non-null object

The option group memberships for this DB instance

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.performanceInsightsEnabled ● Boolean! non-null scalar

Indicates whether Performance Insights is enabled for the DB instance, and otherwise false

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.performanceInsightsKMSKeyId ● String! non-null scalar

The Amazon Web Services KMS key identifier for encryption of Performance Insights data

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.performanceInsightsRetentionPeriod ● Int! non-null scalar

The number of days to retain Performance Insights data. This setting is only for non-Aurora Multi-AZ DB clusters. You can specify 7, month 31 (where month is a number of months from 1-23), or 731. Examples: 93 (3 months 31), 341 (11 months 31), 589 (19 months 31) The default: 7 days

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.preferredBackupWindow ● String! non-null scalar

The daily time range during which automated backups are created if automated backups are enabled, as determined by the BackupRetentionPeriod.

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.preferredMaintenanceWindow ● String! non-null scalar

The weekly time range (in UTC) during which system maintenance can occur

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.processorFeatures ● [AWSRDSDatabaseInstanceProcessorFeature]! non-null object

The number of CPU cores and the number of threads per core for the DB instance class of the DB instance

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.promotionTier ● Int! non-null scalar

The order in which an Aurora Replica is promoted to the primary instance after a failure of the existing primary instance

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.publiclyAccessible ● Boolean! non-null scalar

Specifies the accessibility options for the DB instance

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.readReplicaDBClusterIds ● [String!]! non-null scalar

The identifiers of Aurora DB clusters to which the RDS DB instance is replicated as a read replica

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.readReplicaDBInstanceIds ● [String!]! non-null scalar

The identifiers of the read replicas associated with this DB instance

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.readReplicaSourceDBInstanceId ● String! non-null scalar

The identifier of the source DB instance if this DB instance is a read replica

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.resumeFullAutomationModeTime ● DateTime scalar

The number of minutes to pause the automation. When the time period ends, RDS Custom resumes full automation The default: 60 The maximum value: 1,440

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.secondaryAvailabilityZone ● String! non-null scalar

The name of the secondary Availability Zone for a DB instance with multi-AZ support

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.statusInfos ● [AWSRDSDatabaseInstanceStatusInfo!] list object

The status of a read replica. If the instance isn't a read replica, this is blank

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.storageEncrypted ● Boolean! non-null scalar

Indicates whether the DB instance is encrypted

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.storageThroughput ● Int! non-null scalar

The storage throughput for the DB instance

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.storageType ● String! non-null scalar

The storage type associated with the DB instance

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.tags ● [AWSTag!]! non-null object

The list of tags for the DB instance

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.tdeCredentialArn ● String! non-null scalar

The ARN from the key store with which the instance is associated for TDE encryption

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.vpcSecurityGroups ● [AWSRDSDatabaseInstanceVpcSecurityGroupMembership!]! non-null object

The list of the VPC security group elements that the DB instance belongs to

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance.snapshots ● [AWSRDSDatabaseInstanceSnapshot!]! non-null object

The list of snapshots created by this DB instance

Implemented by

AWSRDSDatabaseInstance union