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type AWSOpenSearchDomainServiceSoftwareOptions {
automaticallyUpdatedAt: DateTime
cancellable: Boolean!
currentVersion: String!
description: String!
newVersion: String!
optionalDeployment: Boolean!
updateAvailable: Boolean!
updateStatus: AWSOpenSearchDomainServiceSoftwareDeploymentStatusType!


AWSOpenSearchDomainServiceSoftwareOptions.automaticallyUpdatedAt ● DateTime scalar

The timestamp, in Epoch time, until which you can manually request a service software update

AWSOpenSearchDomainServiceSoftwareOptions.cancellable ● Boolean! non-null scalar

True if you are able to cancel your service software version update

AWSOpenSearchDomainServiceSoftwareOptions.currentVersion ● String! non-null scalar

The current service software version that is present on the domain

AWSOpenSearchDomainServiceSoftwareOptions.description ● String! non-null scalar

A description of the service software update status

AWSOpenSearchDomainServiceSoftwareOptions.newVersion ● String! non-null scalar

The new service software version if one is available

AWSOpenSearchDomainServiceSoftwareOptions.optionalDeployment ● Boolean! non-null scalar

True if a service software is never automatically updated

AWSOpenSearchDomainServiceSoftwareOptions.updateAvailable ● Boolean! non-null scalar

True if you are able to update you service software version

AWSOpenSearchDomainServiceSoftwareOptions.updateStatus ● AWSOpenSearchDomainServiceSoftwareDeploymentStatusType! non-null enum

The status of your service software update

Member of

AWSOpenSearchDomain object