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type AWSIAM {
accountSummary: AWSIAMAccountSummary!
serverCertificates: [AWSIAMServerCertificateMetadata!]
passwordPolicy: AWSIAMAccountPasswordPolicy!
condition: AWSIAMCredentialReportCondition
): AWSIAMCredentialReport
condition: AWSIAMPolicyCondition
): [AWSIAMPolicy!]!
users: [AWSIAMUser!]!
virtualMfaDevices: [AWSIAMVirtualMFADevice!]!


AWSIAM.accountSummary ● AWSIAMAccountSummary! non-null object

The account summary

AWSIAM.serverCertificates ● [AWSIAMServerCertificateMetadata!] list object

The account password policy

AWSIAM.passwordPolicy ● AWSIAMAccountPasswordPolicy! non-null object

The password policy

AWSIAM.credentialReport ● AWSIAMCredentialReport object

The credentials report lists all your IAM users in this account and the status of their various credentials. If AWSIAMCredentialReportCondition. is true, the report will be created and be stored for up to four hours

AWSIAM.credentialReport.condition ● AWSIAMCredentialReportCondition input

AWSIAM.policies ● [AWSIAMPolicy!]! non-null object

The IAM policies

AWSIAM.policies.condition ● AWSIAMPolicyCondition input

AWSIAM.users ● [AWSIAMUser!]! non-null object

The users

AWSIAM.virtualMfaDevices ● [AWSIAMVirtualMFADevice!]! non-null object

The virtual MFA devices

Member of

AWSAccount object