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type AWSIAM {
accountSummary: AWSIAMAccountSummary!
serverCertificates: [AWSIAMServerCertificateMetadata!]
passwordPolicy: AWSIAMAccountPasswordPolicy
condition: AWSIAMCredentialReportCondition
): AWSIAMCredentialReport
condition: AWSIAMPolicyCondition
): [AWSIAMPolicy!]!
users: [AWSIAMUser!]!
virtualMfaDevices: [AWSIAMVirtualMFADevice!]!
accessAnalyzers: [AWSIAMAccessAnalyzer!]!


AWSIAM.accountSummary ● AWSIAMAccountSummary! non-null object

The account summary

AWSIAM.serverCertificates ● [AWSIAMServerCertificateMetadata!] list object

The account password policy

AWSIAM.passwordPolicy ● AWSIAMAccountPasswordPolicy object

The password policy

AWSIAM.credentialReport ● AWSIAMCredentialReport object

The credentials report; all your IAM users in this account and the status of their various credentials

AWSIAM.credentialReport.condition ● AWSIAMCredentialReportCondition input

AWSIAM.policies ● [AWSIAMPolicy!]! non-null object

The IAM policies

AWSIAM.policies.condition ● AWSIAMPolicyCondition input

AWSIAM.users ● [AWSIAMUser!]! non-null object

The users

AWSIAM.virtualMfaDevices ● [AWSIAMVirtualMFADevice!]! non-null object

The virtual MFA devices

AWSIAM.accessAnalyzers ● [AWSIAMAccessAnalyzer!]! non-null object

The Access Analyzers

Member of

AWSAccount object