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type AWSGuardDutyDetectorFeature {
additionalConfigurations: [AWSGuardDutyDetectorAdditionalConfiguration!]!
name: AWSGuardDutyDetectorFeatureNameType!
status: AWSGuardDutyDetectorFeatureStatusType!
updatedAt: DateTime


AWSGuardDutyDetectorFeature.additionalConfigurations ● [AWSGuardDutyDetectorAdditionalConfiguration!]! non-null object

Additional configuration for a resource ● AWSGuardDutyDetectorFeatureNameType! non-null enum

Indicates the name of the feature that can be enabled for the detector

AWSGuardDutyDetectorFeature.status ● AWSGuardDutyDetectorFeatureStatusType! non-null enum

Indicates the status of the feature that is enabled for the detector

AWSGuardDutyDetectorFeature.updatedAt ● DateTime scalar

The timestamp at which the feature object was updated

Member of

AWSGuardDutyDetector object