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type AWSELBTargetGroupMatcher {
grpcCode: [AWSELBTargetGroupCodeRange!]!
httpCode: [AWSELBTargetGroupCodeRange!]!


AWSELBTargetGroupMatcher.grpcCode ● [AWSELBTargetGroupCodeRange!]! non-null object

The GRPC codes. The value range: 0 - 99 The default value: 12

AWSELBTargetGroupMatcher.httpCode ● [AWSELBTargetGroupCodeRange!]! non-null object

The HTTP codes. The value range for Application Load Balancers: 200 and 499 The value range for Network Load Balancers: 200 and 599 The value range for Gateway Load Balancers: 200 and 399

Member of

AWSELBTargetGroup object