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type AWSECSTaskOverride {
containerOverrides: [AWSECSContainerOverride!]!
cpu: String!
ephemeralStorage: AWSECSEphemeralStorage
executionRole: AWSIAMRole
inferenceAcceleratorOverrides: [AWSECSTaskInferenceAcceleratorOverride!]!
memory: String!
taskRole: AWSIAMRole


AWSECSTaskOverride.containerOverrides ● [AWSECSContainerOverride!]! non-null object

One or more container overrides that are sent to a task

AWSECSTaskOverride.cpu ● String! non-null scalar

The CPU override for the task

AWSECSTaskOverride.ephemeralStorage ● AWSECSEphemeralStorage object

The ephemeral storage setting override for the task

AWSECSTaskOverride.executionRole ● AWSIAMRole object

The task execution role override for the task

AWSECSTaskOverride.inferenceAcceleratorOverrides ● [AWSECSTaskInferenceAcceleratorOverride!]! non-null object

The Elastic Inference accelerator override for the task

AWSECSTaskOverride.memory ● String! non-null scalar

The memory override for the task

AWSECSTaskOverride.taskRole ● AWSIAMRole object

The role that containers in this task can assume

Member of

AWSECSTask object