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type AWSECSTaskDefinitionDockerVolumeConfiguration {
autoprovision: Boolean!
driver: String!
driverOpts: [AWSTag!]!
labels: [AWSTag!]!
scope: AWSECSTaskDefinitionScopeType!


AWSECSTaskDefinitionDockerVolumeConfiguration.autoprovision ● Boolean! non-null scalar

If this value is true , the Docker volume is created if it doesn't already exist

AWSECSTaskDefinitionDockerVolumeConfiguration.driver ● String! non-null scalar

The Docker volume driver to use

AWSECSTaskDefinitionDockerVolumeConfiguration.driverOpts ● [AWSTag!]! non-null object

A map of Docker driver-specific options passed through

AWSECSTaskDefinitionDockerVolumeConfiguration.labels ● [AWSTag!]! non-null object

Custom metadata to add to your Docker volume

AWSECSTaskDefinitionDockerVolumeConfiguration.scope ● AWSECSTaskDefinitionScopeType! non-null enum

The scope for the Docker volume that determines its lifecycle

Implemented by

AWSECSTaskDefinitionVolumeConfiguration union