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type AWSECSLinuxContainerParameters {
capabilities: AWSECSLinuxContainerKernelCapabilities
devices: [AWSECSLinuxContainerDevice!]!
initProcessEnabled: Boolean!
maximumSwap: Int!
sharedMemorySize: Int!
swappiness: Int!
tmpfs: [AWSECSLinuxContainerTmpfs!]!


AWSECSLinuxContainerParameters.capabilities ● AWSECSLinuxContainerKernelCapabilities object

The Linux capabilities for the container that are added to or dropped from the default configuration provided by Docker

AWSECSLinuxContainerParameters.devices ● [AWSECSLinuxContainerDevice!]! non-null object

Any host devices to expose to the container

AWSECSLinuxContainerParameters.initProcessEnabled ● Boolean! non-null scalar

Run an init process inside the container that forwards signals and reaps processes

AWSECSLinuxContainerParameters.maximumSwap ● Int! non-null scalar

The total amount of swap memory (in MiB) a container can use

AWSECSLinuxContainerParameters.sharedMemorySize ● Int! non-null scalar

The value for the size (in MiB) of the /dev/shm volume

AWSECSLinuxContainerParameters.swappiness ● Int! non-null scalar

This allows you to tune a container's memory swappiness behavior

AWSECSLinuxContainerParameters.tmpfs ● [AWSECSLinuxContainerTmpfs!]! non-null object

The container path, mount options, and size (in MiB) of the tmpfs mount

Member of

AWSECSLinuxContainerDefinition object