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type AWSECSContainerNetworkBinding {
bindIp: String!
containerPortRanges: [AWSECSPortRange!]!
hostPortRanges: [AWSECSPortRange!]!
protocol: AWSECSContainerTransportProtocolType!


AWSECSContainerNetworkBinding.bindIp ● String! non-null scalar

The IP address that the container is bound to on the container instance

AWSECSContainerNetworkBinding.containerPortRanges ● [AWSECSPortRange!]! non-null object

The port number range on the container that's bound to the dynamically mapped host port range. The range: 1 and 65535

AWSECSContainerNetworkBinding.hostPortRanges ● [AWSECSPortRange!]! non-null object

The port number range on the host that's used with the network binding

AWSECSContainerNetworkBinding.protocol ● AWSECSContainerTransportProtocolType! non-null enum

The protocol used for the network binding

Member of

AWSECSContainer object