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type AWSEC2InstanceMetadataOptions {
httpEndpoint: AWSEC2InstanceMetadataEndpointStateType!
httpProtocolIpv6: AWSEC2InstanceMetadataProtocolStateType!
httpPutResponseHopLimit: Int!
httpTokens: AWSEC2InstanceHTTPTokensStateType!
instanceMetadataTags: AWSEC2InstanceMetadataTagsStateType!
state: AWSEC2InstanceMetadataOptionsStateType!


AWSEC2InstanceMetadataOptions.httpEndpoint ● AWSEC2InstanceMetadataEndpointStateType! non-null enum

Indicates whether the HTTP metadata endpoint on your instances is enabled or disabled

AWSEC2InstanceMetadataOptions.httpProtocolIpv6 ● AWSEC2InstanceMetadataProtocolStateType! non-null enum

Indicates whether the IPv6 endpoint for the instance metadata service is enabled or disabled

AWSEC2InstanceMetadataOptions.httpPutResponseHopLimit ● Int! non-null scalar

The desired HTTP PUT response hop limit for instance metadata requests. The larger the number, the further instance metadata requests can travel The default value: 1 The range: 1 - 64

AWSEC2InstanceMetadataOptions.httpTokens ● AWSEC2InstanceHTTPTokensStateType! non-null enum

IMDSv2 uses token-backed sessions. Indicates whether the use of HTTP tokens is optional (in other words, indicates whether the use of IMDSv2 is optional) or required (in other words, indicates whether the use of IMDSv2 is required)

AWSEC2InstanceMetadataOptions.instanceMetadataTags ● AWSEC2InstanceMetadataTagsStateType! non-null enum

Indicates whether access to instance tags from the instance metadata is enabled or disabled

AWSEC2InstanceMetadataOptions.state ● AWSEC2InstanceMetadataOptionsStateType! non-null enum

The state of the metadata option changes

Member of

AWSEC2Instance object