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type AWSDynamoDBTable {
metadata: ResourceMetadata!
archivalSummary: AWSDynamoDBTableArchivalSummary
attributeDefinitions: [AWSDynamoDBTableAttributeDefinition!]!
billingModeSummary: AWSDynamoDBTableBillingModeSummary
createdAt: DateTime
deletionProtectionEnabled: Boolean!
globalSecondaryIndexes: [AWSDynamoDBTableGlobalSecondaryIndex!]!
globalTableVersion: String!
numberOfItem: Int64!
keySchema: [AWSDynamoDBTableKeySchemaElement!]!
latestStreamArn: String!
latestStreamLabel: String!
localSecondaryIndexes: [AWSDynamoDBTableLocalSecondaryIndex!]!
provisionedThroughput: AWSDynamoDBTableProvisionedThroughput
replicas: [AWSDynamoDBTableReplica!]!
restoreSummary: AWSDynamoDBTableRestoreSummary
sseDescription: AWSDynamoDBTableSSEDescription
streamSpecification: AWSDynamoDBTableStreamSpecification
arn: String!
classSummary: AWSDynamoDBTableClassSummary
id: String!
name: String!
sizeBytes: Int64!
status: AWSDynamoDBTableStatusType!
continuousBackupsDescription: AWSDynamoDBTableContinuousBackupsDescription


AWSDynamoDBTable.metadata ● ResourceMetadata! non-null object

The metadata to identify this resource in Shisho Cloud

AWSDynamoDBTable.archivalSummary ● AWSDynamoDBTableArchivalSummary object

The information about the table archive

AWSDynamoDBTable.attributeDefinitions ● [AWSDynamoDBTableAttributeDefinition!]! non-null object

The array of AttributeDefinition objects

AWSDynamoDBTable.billingModeSummary ● AWSDynamoDBTableBillingModeSummary object

The details for the read/write capacity mode

AWSDynamoDBTable.createdAt ● DateTime scalar

The date and time when the table was created, in UNIX epoch time format

AWSDynamoDBTable.deletionProtectionEnabled ● Boolean! non-null scalar

Indicates whether deletion protection is enabled (true) or disabled (false) on the table

AWSDynamoDBTable.globalSecondaryIndexes ● [AWSDynamoDBTableGlobalSecondaryIndex!]! non-null object

The global secondary indexes, if any, on the table

AWSDynamoDBTable.globalTableVersion ● String! non-null scalar

Represents the version of global tables in use, if the table is replicated across Amazon Web Services Regions

AWSDynamoDBTable.numberOfItem ● Int64! non-null scalar

The number of items in the specified table

AWSDynamoDBTable.keySchema ● [AWSDynamoDBTableKeySchemaElement!]! non-null object

The primary key structure for the table

AWSDynamoDBTable.latestStreamArn ● String! non-null scalar

The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) that uniquely identifies the latest stream for this table

AWSDynamoDBTable.latestStreamLabel ● String! non-null scalar

A timestamp, in ISO 8601 format, for this stream

AWSDynamoDBTable.localSecondaryIndexes ● [AWSDynamoDBTableLocalSecondaryIndex!]! non-null object

Represents one or more local secondary indexes on the table

AWSDynamoDBTable.provisionedThroughput ● AWSDynamoDBTableProvisionedThroughput object

The provisioned throughput settings for the table, consisting of read and write capacity units, along with data about increases and decreases

AWSDynamoDBTable.replicas ● [AWSDynamoDBTableReplica!]! non-null object

Represents replicas of the table

AWSDynamoDBTable.restoreSummary ● AWSDynamoDBTableRestoreSummary object

Contains details for the restore

AWSDynamoDBTable.sseDescription ● AWSDynamoDBTableSSEDescription object

The description of the server-side encryption status on the specified table

AWSDynamoDBTable.streamSpecification ● AWSDynamoDBTableStreamSpecification object

— The current DynamoDB Streams configuration for the table

AWSDynamoDBTable.arn ● String! non-null scalar

The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) that uniquely identifies the table

AWSDynamoDBTable.classSummary ● AWSDynamoDBTableClassSummary object

Contains details of the table class ● String! non-null scalar

Unique identifier for the table for which the backup was created ● String! non-null scalar

The name of the table

AWSDynamoDBTable.sizeBytes ● Int64! non-null scalar

The total size of the specified table, in bytes

AWSDynamoDBTable.status ● AWSDynamoDBTableStatusType! non-null enum

The current state of the table

AWSDynamoDBTable.continuousBackupsDescription ● AWSDynamoDBTableContinuousBackupsDescription object

The desctiption of continuous backups

Member of

AWSDynamoDB object