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type AWSDynamoDBTableSSEDescription {
inaccessibleEncryptionAt: DateTime
kmsMasterKeyArn: String!
type: AWSDynamoDBTableSSEType!
status: AWSDynamoDBTableSSEStatusType!


AWSDynamoDBTableSSEDescription.inaccessibleEncryptionAt ● DateTime scalar

Indicates the time, in UNIX epoch date format, when DynamoDB detected that the table's AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS) key was inaccessible

AWSDynamoDBTableSSEDescription.kmsMasterKeyArn ● String! non-null scalar

The KMS key ARN used for the KMS encryption

AWSDynamoDBTableSSEDescription.type ● AWSDynamoDBTableSSEType! non-null enum

Server-side encryption type

AWSDynamoDBTableSSEDescription.status ● AWSDynamoDBTableSSEStatusType! non-null enum

Represents the current state of server-side encryption

Member of

AWSDynamoDBTable object