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type AWSDMSReplicationInstance {
metadata: ResourceMetadata!
allocatedStorage: Int!
autoMinorVersionUpgrade: Boolean!
availabilityZone: String!
dnsNameServers: String!
engineVersion: String!
freeUntil: DateTime
createdAt: DateTime
kmsKeyId: String!
multiAz: Boolean!
networkType: String!
pendingModifiedValues: AWSDMSReplicationPendingModifiedValues
preferredMaintenanceWindow: String!
publiclyAccessible: Boolean!
arn: String!
class: String!
id: String!
ipv6Addresses: [String!]!
privateIpAddresses: [String!]!
publicIpAddresses: [String!]!
status: AWSDMSReplicationInstanceStatusType!
subnetGroup: AWSDMSReplicationSubnetGroup
secondaryAvailabilityZone: String!
vpcSecurityGroups: [AWSDMSVPCSecurityGroupMembership!]!


AWSDMSReplicationInstance.metadata ● ResourceMetadata! non-null object

The metadata to identify this resource in Shisho Cloud

AWSDMSReplicationInstance.allocatedStorage ● Int! non-null scalar

The amount of storage (in gigabytes) that is allocated for the replication instance

AWSDMSReplicationInstance.autoMinorVersionUpgrade ● Boolean! non-null scalar

Indicates if minor version upgrades will be automatically applied to the instance

AWSDMSReplicationInstance.availabilityZone ● String! non-null scalar

The Availability Zone for the instance

AWSDMSReplicationInstance.dnsNameServers ● String! non-null scalar

The DNS name servers supported for the replication instance to access your on-premise source or target database

AWSDMSReplicationInstance.engineVersion ● String! non-null scalar

The engine version number of the replication instance

AWSDMSReplicationInstance.freeUntil ● DateTime scalar

The expiration date of the free replication instance that is part of the Free DMS program

AWSDMSReplicationInstance.createdAt ● DateTime scalar

The time the replication instance was created

AWSDMSReplicationInstance.kmsKeyId ● String! non-null scalar

The KMS key identifier that is used to encrypt the data on the replication instance

AWSDMSReplicationInstance.multiAz ● Boolean! non-null scalar

Specifies whether the replication instance is a Multi-AZ deployment

AWSDMSReplicationInstance.networkType ● String! non-null scalar

The type of IP address protocol used by a replication instance, such as IPv4 only or Dual-stack that supports both IPv4 and IPv6 addressing

AWSDMSReplicationInstance.pendingModifiedValues ● AWSDMSReplicationPendingModifiedValues object

The pending modification values

AWSDMSReplicationInstance.preferredMaintenanceWindow ● String! non-null scalar

The maintenance window times for the replication instance

AWSDMSReplicationInstance.publiclyAccessible ● Boolean! non-null scalar

Specifies the accessibility options for the replication instance

AWSDMSReplicationInstance.arn ● String! non-null scalar

The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the replication instance

AWSDMSReplicationInstance.class ● String! non-null scalar

The compute and memory capacity of the replication instance as defined for the specified replication instance class ● String! non-null scalar

The replication instance identifier is a required parameter

AWSDMSReplicationInstance.ipv6Addresses ● [String!]! non-null scalar

One or more IPv6 addresses for the replication instance

AWSDMSReplicationInstance.privateIpAddresses ● [String!]! non-null scalar

One or more private IP addresses for the replication instance

AWSDMSReplicationInstance.publicIpAddresses ● [String!]! non-null scalar

One or more public IP addresses for the replication instance

AWSDMSReplicationInstance.status ● AWSDMSReplicationInstanceStatusType! non-null enum

The status of the replication instance

AWSDMSReplicationInstance.subnetGroup ● AWSDMSReplicationSubnetGroup object

The subnet group for the replication instance

AWSDMSReplicationInstance.secondaryAvailabilityZone ● String! non-null scalar

The Availability Zone of the standby replication instance in a Multi-AZ deployment

AWSDMSReplicationInstance.vpcSecurityGroups ● [AWSDMSVPCSecurityGroupMembership!]! non-null object

The VPC security group for the instance

Member of

AWSDMS object