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type AWSCloudWatchMetricStat {
metric: AWSCloudWatchMetric!
period: Int!
stat: String!
unit: AWSCloudWatchMetricStandardUnitType!


AWSCloudWatchMetricStat.metric ● AWSCloudWatchMetric! non-null object

The metric to return, including the metric name, namespace, and dimensions

AWSCloudWatchMetricStat.period ● Int! non-null scalar

The granularity, in seconds, of the returned data points. For metrics with regular resolution, a period can be as short as one minute (60 seconds) and must be a multiple of 60

AWSCloudWatchMetricStat.stat ● String! non-null scalar

The statistic to return. It can include any CloudWatch statistic or extended statistic

AWSCloudWatchMetricStat.unit ● AWSCloudWatchMetricStandardUnitType! non-null enum

When you are using a Put operation, this defines what unit you want to use when storing the metric

Member of

AWSCloudWatchMetricDataQuery object