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type AWSCloudTrailBasicEventSelector {
dataResources: [AWSCloudTrailBasicEventSelectorDataResource!]!
excludeManagementEventSources: [String!]!
includeManagementEvents: Boolean!
readWriteType: AWSCloudTrailBasicEventSelectorReadWriteType!


AWSCloudTrailBasicEventSelector.dataResources ● [AWSCloudTrailBasicEventSelectorDataResource!]! non-null object

CloudTrail supports data event logging for Amazon S3 objects, Lambda functions, and Amazon DynamoDB tables with basic event selectors

AWSCloudTrailBasicEventSelector.excludeManagementEventSources ● [String!]! non-null scalar

An optional list of service event sources from which you do not want management events to be logged on the trail

AWSCloudTrailBasicEventSelector.includeManagementEvents ● Boolean! non-null scalar

Indicates whether the event selector to include management events for the trail

AWSCloudTrailBasicEventSelector.readWriteType ● AWSCloudTrailBasicEventSelectorReadWriteType! non-null enum

Indicates whether the trail to log read-only events, write-only events, or all

Implemented by

AWSCloudTrailEventSelector union