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type AWSCloudFrontDistributionLogging {
enabled: Boolean!
bucketId: String!
includeCookies: Boolean!
prefix: String!


AWSCloudFrontDistributionLogging.enabled ● Boolean! non-null scalar

Whether logging is enabled

AWSCloudFrontDistributionLogging.bucketId ● String! non-null scalar

The Amazon S3 bucket to store the access logs in, for example,

AWSCloudFrontDistributionLogging.includeCookies ● Boolean! non-null scalar

Specifies whether you want CloudFront to include cookies in access logs

AWSCloudFrontDistributionLogging.prefix ● String! non-null scalar

An optional string that you want CloudFront to prefix to the access log filenames for this distribution, for example, myprefix/. If you want to enable logging, but you don't want to specify a prefix, you still must include an empty Prefix element in the Logging element

Member of

AWSCloudFrontDistributionConfig object