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type AWSCloudFrontDistributionCacheBehavior {
pathPattern: String!
targetOriginId: String!
viewerProtocolPolicy: AWSCloudFrontDistributionCacheBehaviorViewerProtocolPolicyType!
allowedMethods: AWSCloudFrontDistributionCacheBehaviorAllowedMethods
cachePolicy: AWSCloudFrontCachePolicy
compress: Boolean!
fieldLevelEncryptionId: String!
functionAssociations: [AWSCloudFrontDistributionCacheBehaviorFunctionAssociation!]!
lambdaFunctionAssociations: [AWSCloudFrontDistributionCacheBehaviorLambdaFunctionAssociation!]!
originRequestPolicy: AWSCloudFrontOriginRequestPolicy
realtimeLogConfigurationArn: String!
responseHeadersPolicy: AWSCloudFrontResponseHeadersPolicy
smoothStreaming: Boolean!
trustedKeyGroups: AWSCloudFrontDistributionCacheBehaviorTrustedKeyGroups
trustedSigners: AWSCloudFrontDistributionCacheBehaviorTrustedSigners


AWSCloudFrontDistributionCacheBehavior.pathPattern ● String! non-null scalar

The pattern (for example, images/*.jpg ) that specifies which requests to apply the behavior to. When CloudFront receives a viewer request, the requested path is compared with path patterns in the order in which cache behaviors are listed in the distribution

AWSCloudFrontDistributionCacheBehavior.targetOriginId ● String! non-null scalar

The value of ID for the origin that you want CloudFront to route requests to when they match this cache behavior

AWSCloudFrontDistributionCacheBehavior.viewerProtocolPolicy ● AWSCloudFrontDistributionCacheBehaviorViewerProtocolPolicyType! non-null enum

The protocol that viewers can use to access the files in the origin specified by TargetOriginId when a request matches the path pattern in PathPattern

AWSCloudFrontDistributionCacheBehavior.allowedMethods ● AWSCloudFrontDistributionCacheBehaviorAllowedMethods object

A complex type that controls which HTTP methods CloudFront processes and forwards to your Amazon S3 bucket or your custom origin

AWSCloudFrontDistributionCacheBehavior.cachePolicy ● AWSCloudFrontCachePolicy object

The cache policy that is attached to this cache behavior

AWSCloudFrontDistributionCacheBehavior.compress ● Boolean! non-null scalar

Indicates whether you want CloudFront to automatically compress certain files for this cache behavior

AWSCloudFrontDistributionCacheBehavior.fieldLevelEncryptionId ● String! non-null scalar

The value of ID for the field-level encryption configuration that you want CloudFront to use for encrypting specific fields of data for this cache behavior

AWSCloudFrontDistributionCacheBehavior.functionAssociations ● [AWSCloudFrontDistributionCacheBehaviorFunctionAssociation!]! non-null object

A list of CloudFront functions that are associated with this cache behavior

AWSCloudFrontDistributionCacheBehavior.lambdaFunctionAssociations ● [AWSCloudFrontDistributionCacheBehaviorLambdaFunctionAssociation!]! non-null object

A complex type that contains zero or more Lambda@Edge function associations for a cache behavior

AWSCloudFrontDistributionCacheBehavior.originRequestPolicy ● AWSCloudFrontOriginRequestPolicy object

The origin request policy that is attached to this cache behavior

AWSCloudFrontDistributionCacheBehavior.realtimeLogConfigurationArn ● String! non-null scalar

The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the real-time log configuration that is attached to this cache behavior

AWSCloudFrontDistributionCacheBehavior.responseHeadersPolicy ● AWSCloudFrontResponseHeadersPolicy object

A response headers policy

AWSCloudFrontDistributionCacheBehavior.smoothStreaming ● Boolean! non-null scalar

Indicates whether you want to distribute media files in the Microsoft Smooth Streaming format using the origin that is associated with this cache behavior

AWSCloudFrontDistributionCacheBehavior.trustedKeyGroups ● AWSCloudFrontDistributionCacheBehaviorTrustedKeyGroups object

A complex type that contains zero or more header names and values that CloudFront adds to the cache d

AWSCloudFrontDistributionCacheBehavior.trustedSigners ● AWSCloudFrontDistributionCacheBehaviorTrustedSigners object

A list of Amazon Web Services account IDs whose public keys CloudFront can use to validate signed URLs or signed cookies. We recommend using trustedKeyGroups instead of trustedSigners.

Member of

AWSCloudFrontDistribution object