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type AWSACMCertificateRenewalSummary {
domainValidationOptions: [AWSACMCertificateDomainValidation!]!
status: AWSACMCertificateRenewalStatusType!
updatedAt: DateTime
statusReason: AWSACMCertificateFailureReasonType!


AWSACMCertificateRenewalSummary.domainValidationOptions ● [AWSACMCertificateDomainValidation!]! non-null object

Contains information about the validation of each domain name in the certificate, as it pertains to ACM's managed renewal. This is different from the initial validation that occurs as a result of the RequestCertificate request. This field exists only when the certificate type is AMAZON_ISSUED.

AWSACMCertificateRenewalSummary.status ● AWSACMCertificateRenewalStatusType! non-null enum

The status of ACM's managed renewal of the certificate.

AWSACMCertificateRenewalSummary.updatedAt ● DateTime scalar

The time at which the renewal summary was last updated.

AWSACMCertificateRenewalSummary.statusReason ● AWSACMCertificateFailureReasonType! non-null enum

The reason that a renewal request was unsuccessful

Member of

AWSACMCertificate object