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type ActionsWorkflow {
name: String!
path: String!
permissions: ActionsWorkflowPermissions
dependencies: [ActionsWorkflowDependency!]!
vulnerabilities: [ActionsWorkflowVulnerability!]!

Fields ● String! non-null scalar

Name of the workflow

ActionsWorkflow.path ● String! non-null scalar

File path of the workflow (e.g. .github/workflows/foo.yml)

ActionsWorkflow.permissions ● ActionsWorkflowPermissions object

Base permissions of each job in the workflow. If the workflow does not have permissions: field, this field will be null and the workflow will work with organization-level/repository-level default permissions.

ActionsWorkflow.dependencies ● [ActionsWorkflowDependency!]! non-null interface

Vulnerabilities of the workflow

ActionsWorkflow.vulnerabilities ● [ActionsWorkflowVulnerability!]! non-null interface

Vulnerabilities of the workflow

Member of

GitHubPullRequestBase object ● GitHubPullRequestHead object ● GitHubPushEventCommit object ● GitHubRepositoryInstallationEventHeadCommit object ● GitHubRepositoryRefTarget object