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Playground for Testing GraphQL Queries


The English user guide is currently in beta preview. Most of the documents have been automatically translated from the Japanese version. Should you find any inaccuracies, please reach out to Flatt Security.

Each input block in a job within the workflow is used to define the data for inspection/audit in the form of GraphQL queries. When crafting the GraphQL queries for this block, you can use the following Playground for Testing GraphQL Queries (abbreviated: GraphQL Playground):


Please substitute [oid] with your specific Shisho Cloud organization's ID.

Use Case: Verifying Compliance of GraphQL Queries with the Schema

The Playground for Testing GraphQL Queries accepts all GraphQL queries the input block of a job can handle. By running a GraphQL query on the Playground, you can verify if the query is currently functional on Shisho Cloud (for example, detect any syntax errors or references to non-existent fields).

Use Case: Acquiring Test Cases Usable as Input for Policies

If you require test cases for your described policy, you can use the JSON-formatted results produced by the Playground. Please take note that the values returned by the Playground are not actual data from external services linked to your Shisho Cloud organization but random values created for testing purposes.


If you aim to use the JSON-formatted results from the Playground as test data for commands like opa, it's necessary to manipulate the data following the definition of the API that the Shisho Cloud's policy code must comply with.