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Democratizing Cloud Security with Shisho Cloud's New Permission Control Feature

· 6 min read
Andrew Bulin
Software Engineer @ Flatt Security Inc.

Flatt Security, a respected developer of security solutions, is excited to announce a significant enhancement to its Shisho Cloud product. The latest update introduces fine-grained permission controls and project-focused scopes for the Shisho Cloud security posture dashboards. This new feature enables organizations to have a more controlled and project-specific approach to managing their cloud security, bridging the gap between security and engineering teams.


TypeScript is Now Available as a Policy Language

· 7 min read
Software Engineer @ Flatt Security Inc.

We're excited to announce that in addition to the Rego language, TypeScript is now available as a language for defining audit rules on Shisho Cloud. This enables you to create custom audit rules tailored to your organization's policies using a familiar language. Please note that managed audit rules by Flatt Security is currently available only in Rego. However, we are actively working on providing TypeScript versions in the near future.