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Company Values

This page explains our company values.


Our company values are as follows:

  • ❤ Do the Right Thing
  • 🔁 Plan, Try, Codify, and Repeat
  • ⏬ Reverse-Engineer the Future
  • ⏫ Make Fact-Driven Decisions
  • 💪 Be a Great Storyteller

❤ Do the Right Thing

We take ethical actions respecting colleagues, clients, stockholders and any other stakeholders continuously.

🔁 Plan, Try, Codify, and Repeat

We start everything with planning and end it with codifying things. Every one of our actions will empower the next challengers. This positive loop never stops. That's why we get better and better.

⏬ Reverse-Engineer the Future

We start with our ambition and work backwards. We always try to identify all the obstacles, roadblocks, and required actions to achieve the ambition.

⏫ Make Fact-Driven Decisions

We collect facts on our customers and markets by default and decide everything with them.

💪 Be a Great Storyteller

We're the team who understands our product and business the best. Every one of us dives deep into the whole of our product and business enough to tell our detailed stories confidently, like a great storyteller.