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Productivity Team


Our mission is to help enable production teams to efficiently produce meaningful value for the customer.

The specific metrics for this can be difficult to define and will likely change over time. Therefore, it is our goal to participate in regular cycles of learning from feedback on the end-to-end value creation workflow chain. We believe by understanding the end-to-end picture of how development objectives connect with corporate goals, we can better serve our customers while hoping to facilitate a positive and rewarding development team atmosphere.


Q4 FY2022

Right now we are at the data definition and collection phase as a part of our values to reverse engineer the future in a proven and efficient way. As we make progress, we can discover and record the baselines of what we have to serve as basic empirical data points, in keeping with our values of making fact-driven decisions. As we get better, these can then be codified into monitoring metrics and improved systems in keeping with our values to plan, try, codify, and repeat.

Let's work together on the following goals:

  • Develop a series of simple production analyses to help deepen our understanding of the end-to-end picture of value creation of the product with its many people, partners, and processes

  • Define, collect, and analyze initial benchmarks pertinent to productivity as we all better learn how to best fulfill the customer's evolving needs

  • Help the production team identify agreed upon baselines and assist in tracking key performance indicators that work toward the team's desired production goals