Google Serverless VPC Access Connector

This page shows how to write Terraform for Serverless VPC Access Connector and write them securely.

google_vpc_access_connector (Terraform)

The Connector in Serverless VPC Access can be configured in Terraform with the resource name google_vpc_access_connector. The following sections describe 4 examples of how to use the resource and its parameters.

Example Usage from GitHub

resource "google_vpc_access_connector" "svl-vpc-con-10-100-1-32" {
  project        = var.project_id
  name           = "svl-vpc-con-10-100-1-32"
  ip_cidr_range  = ""
  network        = var.vpc_name
  region         = var.primary_region
resource "google_vpc_access_connector" "connector" {
  name          =
  ip_cidr_range = var.ip_cidr
  network       =
resource "google_vpc_access_connector" "cloud_run" {
  name          = "cloud-run-vpc-connector"
  ip_cidr_range = ""
  network       =
resource "google_vpc_access_connector" "serverless-connector" {
  name           = "redis-serverless-vpc"
  ip_cidr_range  = ""
  region         = var.region
  network        =
  min_throughput = 200


  • id optionalcomputed - string
  • ip_cidr_range optional - string
    • The range of internal addresses that follows RFC 4632 notation. Example: ''.

  • max_throughput optional - number
    • Maximum throughput of the connector in Mbps, must be greater than 'min_throughput'. Default is 1000.

  • min_throughput optional - number
    • Minimum throughput of the connector in Mbps. Default and min is 200.

  • name required - string
    • The name of the resource (Max 25 characters).

  • network optional - string
    • Name of the VPC network. Required if 'ip_cidr_range' is set.

  • project optionalcomputed - string
  • region optionalcomputed - string
    • Region where the VPC Access connector resides. If it is not provided, the provider region is used.

  • self_link requiredcomputed - string
    • The fully qualified name of this VPC connector

  • state requiredcomputed - string
    • State of the VPC access connector.

Explanation in Terraform Registry

Serverless VPC Access connector resource. To get more information about Connector, see:

Frequently asked questions

What is Google Serverless VPC Access Connector?

Google Serverless VPC Access Connector is a resource for Serverless VPC Access of Google Cloud Platform. Settings can be wrote in Terraform.

Where can I find the example code for the Google Serverless VPC Access Connector?

For Terraform, the skymars-cloud/terraform-gcp, c2pig/virtual-waiting-room and randrusiak/daftacademy-gcp-terraform source code examples are useful. See the Terraform Example section for further details.


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