Google Essential Contacts Contact

This page shows how to write Terraform for Essential Contacts Contact and write them securely.

google_essential_contacts_contact (Terraform)

The Contact in Essential Contacts can be configured in Terraform with the resource name google_essential_contacts_contact. The following sections describe 2 examples of how to use the resource and its parameters.

Example Usage from GitHub
resource "google_essential_contacts_contact" "contact" {
  parent =
  email = ""
  language_tag = "en-GB"
  notification_category_subscriptions = ["ALL"]
resource "google_essential_contacts_contact" "org" {
  provider     =
  parent       =
  email        = var.org_contact
  language_tag = "en-US"
  notification_category_subscriptions = ["ALL"]

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The following arguments are supported:

  • email - (Required) The email address to send notifications to. This does not need to be a Google account.

  • notification_category_subscriptions - (Required) The categories of notifications that the contact will receive communications for.

  • language_tag - (Required) The preferred language for notifications, as a ISO 639-1 language code. See Supported languages for a list of supported languages.

  • parent - (Required) The resource to save this contact for. Format: organizations/[organization_id], folders/[folder_id] or projects/[project_id]

In addition to the arguments listed above, the following computed attributes are exported:

  • id - an identifier for the resource with format [[name]]

  • name - The identifier for the contact. Format: [resourceType]/[resource_id]/contacts/[contact_id]

Explanation in Terraform Registry

A contact that will receive notifications from Google Cloud. To get more information about Contact, see:

  • API documentation
  • How-to Guides
    • Official Documentation

      Warning: If you are using User ADCs (Application Default Credentials) with this resource, you must specify a billing_project and set user_project_override to true in the provider configuration. Otherwise the Essential Contacts API will return a 403 error. Your account must have the permission on the billing_project you defined.

Frequently asked questions

What is Google Essential Contacts Contact?

Google Essential Contacts Contact is a resource for Essential Contacts of Google Cloud Platform. Settings can be wrote in Terraform.

Where can I find the example code for the Google Essential Contacts Contact?

For Terraform, the terraform-google-modules/docs-examples and lukwam/terraform-gcp-organization source code examples are useful. See the Terraform Example section for further details.


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