AWS IAM Organizational Unit

This page shows how to write Terraform for IAM Organizational Unit and write them securely.


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Terraform Example (aws_organizations_organizational_unit)

Provides a resource to create an organizational unit.


Example Usage (from GitHub)

resource "aws_organizations_organizational_unit" "develop_a" {
  name      = "Aサービス事業部"
  parent_id = data.aws_organizations_organization.my_org.roots[0].id

resource "aws_organizations_organizational_unit" "develop_a1group" {
resource "aws_organizations_organizational_unit" "core" {
  name      = "core"
  parent_id = data.aws_organizations_organization.my_org.roots[0].id

resource "aws_organizations_organizational_unit" "teams" {
resource "aws_organizations_organizational_unit" "Inovacao" {
  name      = "Inovacao"
  parent_id = aws_organizations_organization.Root.roots[0].id


resource "aws_organizations_organizational_unit" "application" {
    # OU Must be created before childen n the ou can be created
    depends_on = []
    name =  "application"
    parent_id =[0].id
resource "aws_organizations_organizational_unit" "core" {
  name      = "Core"
  parent_id =

resource "aws_organizations_organizational_unit" "development" {

CloudFormation Example

CloudFormation code does not have the related resource.

Frequently asked questions

What is AWS IAM Organizational Unit?

AWS IAM Organizational Unit is a resource for IAM of Amazon Web Service. Settings can be wrote in Terraform.

Where can I find the example code for the AWS IAM Organizational Unit?

For Terraform, the hapoon/aws-infra, chris2fer/aws-org-test and gustavopelizoni/aws-terraform-organizations source code examples are useful. See the Terraform Example section for further details.