AWS CodeDeploy App

This page shows how to write Terraform and CloudFormation for CodeDeploy App and write them securely.

aws_codedeploy_app (Terraform)

The App in CodeDeploy can be configured in Terraform with the resource name aws_codedeploy_app. The following sections describe 4 examples of how to use the resource and its parameters.

Example Usage from GitHub

resource "aws_codedeploy_app" "aip-smartall-api" {
  name                    = "aip-smartall-api"
  compute_platform        = "Server"

resource "aws_codedeploy_deployment_group" "aip-smartall-api-deploy-group" {
resource "aws_codedeploy_app" "codedeploy_app_WEB" {
    name = "70491-codedeploy-app-WEB"
    compute_platform = "Server"

resource "aws_codedeploy_deployment_group" "codedeploy_group_WEB" {
resource "aws_codedeploy_app" "csye6225-webapp" {
  compute_platform = "Server"
  name             = "csye6225-webapp"

resource "aws_codedeploy_app" "cd_app" {
  compute_platform = var.cd_compute_platform
  name             = var.cd_app_name


Explanation in Terraform Registry

Provides a CodeDeploy application to be used as a basis for deployments

AWS::CodeDeploy::Application (CloudFormation)

The Application in CodeDeploy can be configured in CloudFormation with the resource name AWS::CodeDeploy::Application. The following sections describe how to use the resource and its parameters.


Explanation in CloudFormation Registry

The AWS::CodeDeploy::Application resource creates an AWS CodeDeploy application. In CodeDeploy, an application is a name that functions as a container to ensure that the correct combination of revision, deployment configuration, and deployment group are referenced during a deployment. You can use the AWS::CodeDeploy::DeploymentGroup resource to associate the application with a CodeDeploy deployment group. For more information, see CodeDeploy Deployments in the AWS CodeDeploy User Guide.

Frequently asked questions

What is AWS CodeDeploy App?

AWS CodeDeploy App is a resource for CodeDeploy of Amazon Web Service. Settings can be wrote in Terraform and CloudFormation.

Where can I find the example code for the AWS CodeDeploy App?

For Terraform, the pe-woongjin/wjtb-code-deploy-tf, SeongHyukJang/3-Tier-Architecture and phutran2495/infrastructure source code examples are useful. See the Terraform Example section for further details.