AWS CodeDeploy App

This page shows how to write Terraform and CloudFormation for CodeDeploy App and write them securely.

aws_codedeploy_app (Terraform)

The App in CodeDeploy can be configured in Terraform with the resource name aws_codedeploy_app. The following sections describe 4 examples of how to use the resource and its parameters.

Example Usage from GitHub
resource "aws_codedeploy_app" "aip-smartall-api" {
  name                    = "aip-smartall-api"
  compute_platform        = "Server"

resource "aws_codedeploy_deployment_group" "aip-smartall-api-deploy-group" {
resource "aws_codedeploy_app" "codedeploy_app_WEB" {
    name = "70491-codedeploy-app-WEB"
    compute_platform = "Server"

resource "aws_codedeploy_deployment_group" "codedeploy_group_WEB" {
resource "aws_codedeploy_app" "csye6225-webapp" {
  compute_platform = "Server"
  name             = "csye6225-webapp"
resource "aws_codedeploy_app" "cd_app" {
  compute_platform = var.cd_compute_platform
  name             = var.cd_app_name

Review your Terraform file for AWS best practices

Shisho Cloud, our free checker to make sure your Terraform configuration follows best practices, is available (beta).


Explanation in Terraform Registry

Provides a CodeDeploy application to be used as a basis for deployments

AWS::CodeDeploy::Application (CloudFormation)

The Application in CodeDeploy can be configured in CloudFormation with the resource name AWS::CodeDeploy::Application. The following sections describe how to use the resource and its parameters.

Example Usage from GitHub

An example could not be found in GitHub.


Explanation in CloudFormation Registry

The AWS::CodeDeploy::Application resource creates an AWS CodeDeploy application. In CodeDeploy, an application is a name that functions as a container to ensure that the correct combination of revision, deployment configuration, and deployment group are referenced during a deployment. You can use the AWS::CodeDeploy::DeploymentGroup resource to associate the application with a CodeDeploy deployment group. For more information, see CodeDeploy Deployments in the AWS CodeDeploy User Guide.

Frequently asked questions

What is AWS CodeDeploy App?

AWS CodeDeploy App is a resource for CodeDeploy of Amazon Web Service. Settings can be wrote in Terraform and CloudFormation.

Where can I find the example code for the AWS CodeDeploy App?

For Terraform, the pe-woongjin/wjtb-code-deploy-tf, SeongHyukJang/3-Tier-Architecture and phutran2495/infrastructure source code examples are useful. See the Terraform Example section for further details.