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union AWSRDSDatabaseInstance = AWSRDSGenericDatabaseInstance | AWSRDSMySQLInstance | AWSRDSPostgreSQLInstance | AWSRDSSQLServerInstance | AWSRDSOracleInstance | AWSRDSMariaDBInstance | AWSRDSAuroraInstance | AWSRDSAuroraMySQLInstance | AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance

Possible types

AWSRDSGenericDatabaseInstance object

This is a generic DB instance. It could be excluded from the current selections such as docdb, neptune

AWSRDSMySQLInstance object

This is a MySQL instance

AWSRDSPostgreSQLInstance object

This is a PostgreSQL instance

AWSRDSSQLServerInstance object

This is a SQL Server instance

AWSRDSOracleInstance object

This is an Oracle instance

AWSRDSMariaDBInstance object

This is a Maria DB instance

AWSRDSAuroraInstance object

This is a Aurora instance

AWSRDSAuroraMySQLInstance object

This is an instance of Aurora MySQL-Compatible Edition

AWSRDSAuroraPostgreSQLInstance object

This is an instance of Aurora PostgreSQL-Compatible Edition

Member of

AWSRDS object