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Hiring Process for Engineering Positions

1. Cultural Fit Interview

The first step is a 30-minute or hour-long cultural fit interview.

  • Whom you'll see
    • Our HR manager
    • Our software engineer
  • Goals
    • To see whether your values and behaviour fit in with our company's vision, mission, and values
    • To see whether our visions, mission, and values motivate and fit in with yours
  • Examples of topics
    • Your experience in engineering teams
    • Your work style
    • What kind of projects motivates you to do your best work
    • Our company's vision, mission, and values
    • The current state of our team and our business
  • Notes
    • This step could be either online or offline.

2. Technical Interview + Take-Home Coding Exercise

If they pass the culture interview, our team will then schedule an hour-long interview with our engineers. Then, depending on the role, we may ask you to do a take-home coding exercise in one or two weeks. The problems you are asked to solve are related to the team's work.

  • Whom you'll see
    • Takashi Yoneuchi, CTO
  • Goals
    • To assess your technical ability for the role
  • Examples of topics (note that it depends on your past experiences)
    • Architecture design
    • Diving more into your past technical experiences
  • Notes
    • This step could be either online or offline.

3. Engineering SuperDay + Final Interview

The final stage of our interview process is the Engineering SuperDay, which is a paid full day of work with us to check whether you and we can collaborate smoothly. A task in the day depends on your role, but it is basically designed to be too much work for one person to complete in a day.

In the middle of Engineering SuperDay, you'll take a final interview with Koki, our CEO. The goals and topics of a final interview depend on the result of the cultural fit interview and technical interview.

An Engineering SuperDay usually looks like this:

  1. Kick-off session with an engineer
  2. Time to focus on the task; of course, we provide support via your personal slack channel, as we will do after you join
  3. Meet Koki, our CEO, as a final interview
  4. Wrap-up session at the end of the day

This step could be either online or offline, but we prefer online to offline only for this step unless you live far from Tokyo. We can flexibly arrange around your schedule.