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Software Engineer ― Product Engineering

About us

We're Flatt Security, a Tokyo-based cybersecurity startup. Our mission is to accelerate the world's product development with next-generation cybersecurity services designed for developers.

One of our developer-first approaches is Shisho Cloud, an enabler of the policy-as-code concept. It allows organizations to codify and automate routine work on tiresome security audits with ease in a modern and reliable way. Developers no longer need a manual review of SaaS usage or public cloud configurations; they just need to integrate data sources and then write policy codes to govern them.

Pre-released in March 2022, Shisho Cloud goes on the journey of enabling policy-as-code just with a small engineering team. To extend our capability of security audit automation more quickly, and create the future of the world's security engineering, Flatt Security is seeking a Software Engineer to drive our business forward together.

About the role

As a software engineer at Flatt Security, you'll join our mission by enhancing the features of Shisho Cloud. Your mission will be to automate more and more security audits by developing product features based upon our policy-as-code platform. In addition, you'll closely collaborate with our product manager and other developers as we iterate quickly on our product by rapidly shipping features and experiments. Your efforts will enable our customers to move fast and securely in their daily lives.

This position corresponds to our internal job level P3, which requires basic skills and experience to get small things done independently or with smooth collaboration with other engineers.

You'll be expected to lead engineering projects with five or fewer engineers to resolve typical technical challenges. Much of your work will be self-directed and unsupervised in technical aspects, but you'll be expected to collaborate with other engineers and our product manager to deliver customer values.

You will

  • Contribute to our Web frontend/backend to provide more customer values in coordination with our product manager
  • Collaborate with your fellow engineers through thoughtful code reviews, design discussions, and demos
  • Observe and communicate with our customers to have empathy for their needs and pain points

You are ideal for this role if you are

  • Excited about our product's vision and missions
  • Comfortable with ambiguity and experienced with tacking open-ended problems
  • Thoughtful of the short and long-term tradeoffs and able to make pragmatic decisions
  • Confident in every line of code in engineering solutions you architect and build
  • Startup mindset where not everything is well defined, we are self-driven to complete new tasks, and we sometimes need to invent new solutions


Minimum qualifications:

  • Bachelor's degree or above in Computer Science or related fields or equivalent practical experience
  • Experience in coding with Go for 3 or more years
  • Experience in using TypeScript and React. Vue.js is considered as well
  • Experience in developing for applications that run in a container orchestration platform like Kubernetes.
  • Experience in implementing multiple services that communicate with others synchronously/asynchronously
  • Experience in completing all processes of software development projects from investigation, planning, implementation, testing, and documentation to release. The project size is not a matter.

Preferred qualifications:

  • Experience in leading the engineering team with 3 or more engineers (this position is not a management position, but we believe good leadership is a prerequisite for good followership and vice versa)
  • Experience in leading and contributing to typical engineering projects with your fellow engineers
  • Experience in designing and implementing GraphQL APIs
  • Experience in designing and implementing protobuf APIs
  • Experience in developing applications on top of a cloud computing platform

Language requirements

  • Japanese: not required
  • English: Conversational

Our engineering team uses English as a primary language. Meetings and documents are written in English, and daily conversations are also. You can choose English or Japanese for interviews and resumes.

Working conditions

Employment Status

  • Full-time with three months probationary period
  • Your contract conditions during the probationary period will be the same as that after the period.

Working hours

  • Flextime for working day start and stop times
  • Core hours of required availability: 12:00 - 17:00

Remote work

Our team is working remotely as of now. You may use the office if you prefer.

Vacation & PTO

  • Two days off per week, national holidays, New Year's break, etc.
  • PTO; 5 days given at the time of joining and six months after joining, with more days granted per year
  • Refresh leave; 3 days given at the time of joining and six months after joining, respectively, with more days granted per year
  • Congratulatory and bereavement leave


Given this position corresponds to the internal job level P3, the salary range is as follows:

  • Range: 6,500,000 - 9,000,000 JPY
  • Annual salary paid in 12 monthly installments
  • Depends on your skills, experience, and abilities
  • Includes fixed overtime pay as an allowance for a peak period
  • Reviewed twice a year

About the engineering team

Please visit our handbook page for further details.

Tech culture

Our engineering team has the following culture:

  • Excited about the opportunities to learn and adopt new technologies
  • Dedicated to keeping high developer experience
  • Sharing the mission and values of Flatt Security

Tech stack

  • Backend: Schema-first development based on GraphQL and Protocol Buffers with Go and Rust
  • Frontend: Next.js, Tailwind CSS
  • Infrastructure: Google Cloud, AWS, Kubernetes, Istio, scaffold
  • Build: Bazel
  • CI/CD: GitHub Actions, Tekton
  • Source Code Management: GitHub
  • Communication: Slack