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We're Flatt Security, a Tokyo-based cybersecurity startup, founded in 2017. We're a team of security experts and engineers who are passionate about securing the world's products and services.

Product security ― An Ever-changing Challenge

Every product team is accountable for the security of their products ― you may have been asked to do a security review, or you may have been asked to fix a security issue. Securing a product is a challenging goal that every product team faces.

The key difficulty is that security is not a one-time effort but a continuous process. It requires a strategic approach and a lot of effort to keep up with the ever-changing security landscape. It even needs collaboration with wider teams, such as engineering, operations, and business.

However, most security solutions cover only one aspect of the product's security, such as vulnerability scanning or penetration testing. They don't provide a holistic view of the product's security posture, and they don't help product teams to prioritize security risks. They sometimes skip to explain what threats/attack vectors they can cover.

Here, you have two reports from two scanners and get asked to explain how and why your system is secure ― who want to do that bothering work? No one wants to spend one's valuable time on that, rather than focusing on delivering more direct value to customers.

Flatt Security, a Brain for Product Teams

Flatt Security is a brain for product security, which most product team owners don't have to be. Our products and services will help them to focus on what matters to them, such as delivering value to their customers.

What is a brain in the security industry like? Here at Flatt Security, we believe that a brain for product security is:

  • Who can explain the current security posture of products
  • Who can identify and prioritize security risks
  • Who can move the product team to mitigate the risks

What moves the product team is a good story-telling, and what comfort product users is a good explanation. Both need a good understanding of the product and the security landscape and good strategic thinking, which drives us to deliver explainable and strategic product security services.

As an awesome brain for product security, as of now, we provide:

  • Shisho Cloud, a product security platform, which works as a knowledge base of your product security and as a collaboration center for your product teams
  • Professional services, which provides enterprise-grade product security reviews and consulting services for your product teams
  • KENRO, a product security e-learning platform, which empowers your product teams to secure things