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We're Flatt Security, a Tokyo-based cybersecurity startup. Our mission is to accelerate the world's product development with next-generation cybersecurity services designed for developers.

Acceleration by Professional Services

Our security experts assess various types of services, including but not limited to web applications, mobile applications and games, service platforms, and IoT services. We put our best effort to detect various vulnerabilities that risk leakage of customer information and data tampering and other kinds of risks that can potentially become a threat. We also provide penetration tests and cloud assessment services for AWS / Google Cloud / Azure / Firebase.

For further information, visit our company webpage.

Acceleration by Products

One of our developer-first approaches is Shisho Cloud, an enabler of the policy-as-code concept. It allows organizations to codify and automate routine work on tiresome security audits with ease in a modern and reliable way. Developers don't need a regular review of configurations and dependencies by hand; they need to integrate data sources to audit and write policy codes.

Pre-released in March 2022, Shisho Cloud goes on the journey of enabling policy-as-code in the world! 🏃